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Welcome to Etched

by Grace Company

At Etched, our vision is to inspire, teach, build confidence, and help you grow your passion and expand your craft. Our mission is to create an extensive library of workshops in collaboration with educators in the quilting, sewing, hobbyists, and crafting world. Our goal is to foster a supportive environment where individuals can develop their skills and express their unique creativity.

Experience On Etched...

  • Project-Based Education

    Project-Based Education

    Our captivating videos guide you through creating something special, offering step-by-step instructions and inclusive patterns for assured success.
  • Skill Builder Education

    Skill Builder Education

    Elevate your quilting skills through our diverse collection of Skill Builder videos, providing detailed guidance on everything from ruler work to pantographs.
  • Product Guides

    Product Guides

    Through comprehensive demonstrations, our videos assist you in understanding and utilizing Grace products to their fullest potential.

  • Edutainment


    With our Edutainment content, enjoy a delightful blend of education and entertainment, featuring interviews, quilt shows, and engaging material to enlighten and entertain.
  • Events


    Discover an archive of our past quilt festivals, brimming with insightful workshops, inspiring quilt shows, and more. Never miss out on all that these memorable festivals bring.

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