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TrueCut Rotary Cutting Rulers

For easier, safer cuts with the highest levels of precision

Raised Ruler Edge

All of the TrueCut rulers have a raised edge or track on both sides that provides extra security when cutting. The ruler edge adds more surface area for the rotary blade to rest against. This gives a safer and more stable cut, while also preventing the cutter from slipping over the ruler. The edge doesn't take any extra space, or add to your measurements.

Track and Guide System

Looking for consistently straight cuts? Meet TrueCut's patented "Ruler Track" and "Cutter Guide" system.

  • Ruler Track: each of our specially designed rulers features a raised edge, or "Ruler Track", that perfectly interlocks with our rotary cutters.
  • Cutter Guide: The TrueCut rotary cutters come equipped with a unique "Cutter Guide" that aligns seamlessly with the ruler's track.

With TrueCut, every glide of the cutter stays on course, making your quilting projects a cut above the rest.

While other rulers are cut out of acrylic and can chip easily, TrueCut rulers are formed with an injection molded thermoplastic, making them more flexible and durable. 

Other TrueCut Ruler Features

Rectangle Rulers

These traditional sized quilting rulers are perfect for cutting strips and just about any other project. The larger rulers are ideal for cutting fabric directly off the bolt, while the smaller ones are easier to manage for smaller projects, and great for cutting various shapes.

Square Rulers

Square rulers are ideal for squaring up blocks of fabric. These are also great for various shapes, such as triangles and stars. The 45 degree angle line on these rulers has inch marks along it, making it quick and easy to measure and square up blocks.

Triangle Rulers

Perfect for small shapes and pieces! The triangle rulers have specific angles to make cutting shapes a breeze. There are currently three different configurations.