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TrueCut Travel Kit

$199.95 $284.95

TrueCut Travel Kit

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The easiest way to take your projects with you wherever you go! 

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$199.95 $284.95

TrueCut Travel Kit

The carefully curated TrueCut Travel Kit includes everything you need to do what you love, all in one portable and stylish package. The tools and materials in this organized kit make it an essential for taking your craft with you on the go.
  • Quality & Comfort

    Quality & Comfort

    This kit is specially designed for durability and versatility. It features a comfortable shoulder strap and two different carry styles. The bag itself is sleek and slim, so it will not feel bulky when carried in your hand or on your shoulder.
  • Organization


    Despite the slim appearance of the kit, its interior features plenty of pockets and straps to hold all your essential supplies. The pockets keep everything secure and organized, so you never have to worry about leaving anything behind.
  • Style


    With a professional and modern aesthetic, this Travel Kit is perfect for any occasion. Its stylish, neutral design will pair perfectly with your other accessories or luggage and match any outfit.

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