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Little Rebel


Little Rebel

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We're Grace Company, And We Help Crafters Just Like You

For over 37 years, Grace Company has been creating tools to make your crafting life easier. The Little Rebel is NO exception. 

Take a look and see how a little rebellion can do for you and your projects.

You're Probably Thinking

"What can the Little Rebel do for me?"

What a great question. 

This little outlaw of a machine addresses different struggles for different hobbyists. Check these out.

Standing Out In Your Sewing Room

  • Spend Less Time Switching

    Spend Less Time Switching

    Jump from straight stitch to free motion in a flash, so you can spend more time doing what you love.
  • Reaching Your Dreams

    Reaching Your Dreams

    With it's 13in throat length and over 8 inches of clearance your Little Rebel will never choke on your crafting goals. 
  • Crafting, At the Speed Of You

    Crafting, At the Speed Of You

    With a speed of up to 1600 stitches per minute, the little rebel will always keep up with your aspirations. 
Adjustable Hopping Foot

No Regulator Needed!

That's right... Your Little Rebel can stand on it's own feet, handling
its own stitch regulation.

Fully Fabric Functional

The Little Rebel can handle the toughest fabrics. It's powerful motor is designed to help you finish all types of project, even when using fabric like denim, leather, or even canvas. 

If you have the needles, your rebel is ready for any fabric you need to work on.

Bobbin Size Matters

There's no way around it, home machines tend to run out of bobbins too quickly. 

The Little rebel uses M-Class bobbins, and can go twice the distance of any home sewing machine on the market.

Light Up Your Life

Every crafter or quilter needs to depend on one thing: that you can clearly see your project.

The Little Rebel is no different. From sewing area, to needle, to bobbin, you will always have a clear view of whatever is happening.

Don't Get Wound Up On Tension

You should never worry about bobbin issues. The Little Rebel sports a precision bobbin winder that any crafter would be proud of. Specifically created with you in mind, this winder gives your bobbins perfect tension, every time. 

Every Little Rebel Needs To Cruise

As with all free-motion crafting aspirations, you can reach your full potential with the Little Rebel when it's paired with a quilting frame. 
  • Step Into A Cutie

    There's no better dance partner for your Little Rebel than the Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame. It's light and mobile design can help you fill your sewing needs without cluttering up your space.
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  • Hop On A Hoop-Frame

    at only the size of a medium desk, the Q'zone Hoop-Frame takes your free motion to the next level with secure fabric control where you can sit or stand while crafting with ease.
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  • Crown Yourself A Queen

    Sometimes you hit that "Just Right" spot. The Q'zone Queen Frame gives you that. A standard-size frame where you can roll your project instead of zone. Go ahead, give yourself a crown.
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