The Grace Company

For many companies, innovation and invention are the foundation on which success is built. This has been a key component in the quilting industry, which has seen a dramatic transformation due to technology that has made the process of quilting easier for those who possess a passion for the craft. Over the past 35 years, The Grace Company has taken innovation and invention to entirely new levels with its commitment to integrating the worlds of quilting and technology. The results have been products that have not only revolutionized the industry, but also given those with a love of quilting the ability to create masterpieces almost beyond belief. With their commitment to customer service and always being willing to take a concept and develop it into yet another product to satisfy their customers, The Grace Company has started a tradition of excellence that has no end in sight.

Quilting Frames

To create any quilt, a quilting frame is required to make the task possible. The Grace Company, having developed a line of quilting frames unlike any previously seen, quickly became the go-to company for those needing the best possible equipment. With both machine-quilting and hand-quilting frames from which to choose, customers soon found themselves with a variety of possibilities when it came to quilting. The frames offered numerous advantages to customers, including:

  • Professional-quality rail system
  • Improved fabric tension
  • Height adjustment to fit sewing machines
  • Speed control and stitch regulators

With the introduction of these features, Grace quickly became the company associated with quilting quality and began its ascension to the top.

Computerized Technology

However, what truly set The Grace Company apart from other competitors was its embracing of computerized technology when it came to quilting. With its development of quilting pattern software, the company made it possible to see how a design would look before the first stitch was sewed. In doing so, quilts could contain designs that were more intricate than ever before, and as a bonus would take far less time and effort than in previous years. Some of the most popular quilting software programs have included:

  • QuiltMotion
  • Quilter's Creative Touch
  • Quilter's Creative Design

With numerous testimonials from thousands of satisfied customers, The Grace Company has led the way for those who wish to continue combining traditional quilting methods with today's technology. And for those who have used the equipment as well as those who have viewed the masterpieces that have been made, the results speak for themselves.