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Plastic Pattern Perfect

For machine quilting frames

pattern perfect templates for machine quilting

For perfect patterns every time, use the Plastic Pattern Perfect! The stylus attaches right to your carriage and then guides your machine through the pattern templates as you move the carriage. Each basic set template is double-sided and has eight patterns. The Basic Plastic Pattern Perfect Set comes with the stylus and all hardware needed to use the Basic Set or the additional templates.

Plastic Pattern Perfect Basic Set

Everything you need to get started

Grace Pattern Perfect Stylus

The Plastic Pattern Perfect Basic Set comes with everything you need to get started quilting amazing pantographs. An included stylus kit attaches to the carriage of your quilting frame. The easy-to-follow panels guide your quilting machine almost effortlessly through the patterns as you push the machine. The Stylus can be adjusted back and forth in ½ inch increments for easy pantograph off-setting.

Rear Handle Note:

It is recommended that your sewing machine or frame have rear handles to let you work from the back while using the Plastic Pattern Perfect.

Easy to Follow Pattern Templates

plastic pattern pantograph template front
plastic pattern pantograph template back

The Plastic Pattern Perfect Basic Set comes with 10 interlocking template panels. Each panel has a total of 8 patterns, 4 on each side. The panels can be mixed and matched front-to-back to make new and unique patterns and pantographs. Connect the panels in a variety of ways to create new pattern combinations.

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Also Available In Additional Patterns

Additional Pattern Templates

Use Grace company is continually coming out with new patterns to add to your growing collection. All additional Plastic Pattern Perfect templates are completely compatible with the stylus from the basic set.

The additional patterns can be purchased in a 3 panel set. Each set only contains one pattern.

There are currently 5 different templates to choose from: Tulips, Hearts, Cross-Hatch, Popcorn-Swirl, and Spiral.

Additional Pattern Templates for machine quilting

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